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Broadband Hacks

How to hack ip-address,how to hack broadband,how to speed up internet , how in increase downloading speed , how to surf fast are the question raised by internet users who are having poor downloading speed, they can increase their internet speed.....
Hack ip-address and browse with new ip-adress and with a new speed,increase your browsing speed,Increase Your Download Speed and Browsing Speed ...
Just follow the given below steps...

1.First and foremost u have to download a ip-scanner click here to download
2.Next u hav to scan ip's from 1-255 u will get some.
3.Then u note down their ip-address,mac- address and their computer name
4.when they goes offline use there mac address via changing it with kmac , rename ur computer n workgroup
5. Restart,dats it u have done with it
(While changin IP-address unplug the cable)
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Increase your Download speed

How to increase downloading speed , how to surf fast are the question raised by internet users who are having less downloading speed, they can increase their internet speed ...
Hack Your Modem and Increase Your Download Speed and Browsing Speed to hack modem,how to speed up internet...
just follow the below procedure...

Hack Your Modem and Increase Your Download Speed from 64Kbps to any Speed You Wish
Most of us will be feeling that the surfing speed which is allocated by our ISP is not enough. Guys having 64Kbps thinks 128Kbps will be nice speed. Guys with 128Kbps thinks 256Kbps will be nice and there is no stop for our greediness

This tutorial will teach you how to increase your 64Kbps link to 512Kbps or what ever speed you like.

It is very much possible to do this. With a bit of luck if your Cable Internet Service Provider are very uneducated on how this very new technology works and leave some key loopholes open for you to grab vital information on how to accomplish this task. But this tutorial will no guarantee you 100% success.

Lets start i ll explain here to complete ur re-configring your SB-5100, SB-4100 or SB-3100 cable modems

Theory of cable modem working

All the cable modems when it boots up it will search for an "Image file" where in all configuration like your upload speed limit and download speed limit is defined. This "Image file" is stored in ISP TFTP's server. Modem will be pre-configured with the ISP TFTP's server IP -address and the Image file name to be downloaded. When the modem boots up it query TFTP's server and download Image file from TFTP's server according to this this our speed limits will be set.

Our Mission
Obtain this required image file from ISP`s TFTP's server, reconfigure it according to our need and force our modem to download this file from our Computer rather than downloading it from our ISP`s TFTP server.

Steps to accomplish

1). Obtain cable modems MAC address
2). Obtain your ISP TFTP's server IP- address
3). obtain name and path of the "configuration file" or Image file stored in the ISP TFTP's server.
4). Download Image file from ISP TFTP's server.
5). Decrypt the Image file which you downloaded from ISP TFTP's server
6). Modify the Image file
7). Encrypt the modified Image file
Cool. Modify ur computer's TCP's config same as ISP TFTP.s server (i.e. IP -address same as ISP TFTP's server)
9). Hostt TFTP's server in your computer
10). Put Image file in the base directory of your TFTP
11). Restart your modem
12). Changer your PC's IP back as given by ISP
13). lol its done surf with a great speed now
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Create Virus

How to create or make or write virus are most common question running in or mind if we are a new learner...This is very simple i have given u a small virus code which creates a highly effected virus.....

shutdown -s -t 200 -c "YOU'RE ********ED"
goto virus

copy and paste the above code into word pad and save its as .bat file and send the file to whom ever u want

Actually if u save this file in word pad it saves as a .doc file but to save it as a .bat file u have to save it as "virus.bat" within double quotes instead of virus u can write any name..  
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Format ur enemy's HARD DISK

How to format hard disk?? It is very easy to format hard disk (with a file) of a person whom you don't like or u hate the most ..
just follow the given steps..
Copy the below code as it is in 'notepad'



Step 2.
Save it as a EXE file with any name u like

Step 3.
Send that EXE file and format his hard disk

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Enter Sites in SKL that are Blocked

Now you have the question how to enter the sites which are blocked...
How 2 enter sites in skl that are blocked????this is your question how??
just follow the below steps you can bypass the blocked sites...

Start>Run and type in cmd .Once your command prompt box opens, type ''" Press enter and you should see some numbers that looks like an IP address pop up, copy those numbers.Open up your school internet browser, and type in those numbers that you copied in the command prompt. Now you can access your website!  
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Block Websties Without Software

How To Block Websites Without softwares:
Frnds u can block any site which you don't want to see or you don't any of your frnds or family
member to see it just block to block any website????? just follow the below steps....

1] Browse C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc
2] Search the file with a name "HOSTS"
3] Open that file in notepad
4] Under " localhost" Add , and that site will no
longer be accessable.
5] Done!  
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Find serials for anything in google

Crack or find any serial for what you want(softwares,games etc).. This is the easiest way to find serials for all software or any other thing(anything), crack any serial for any software,games and many more...
Let us see how?
There is simple code for it you can easily remember '94FBR'(code)

If you want to find the serial for Windows XP Professional just type in google search...
"Windows XP Professional" 94FBR followed by enter key.

If you want to find the serial for MS OFFICE 2007 just type in google search...
"MS OFFICE 2007"94FBR followed by enter key.

Find any mp3 file which u want to hear or download .....
There is an another trick for finding mp3 files on web...

Let us see how?
There is simple code for it you can easily remember

If u want to find songs of om shanti om or any particular in this movie just type in google search or any search which u like
"index of/" "om shanti om" .mp3
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Design Fake login page by urself for any site

Hacking passwords by fake login page is very easy and simple,u can easily trap your pray by using this fake login page , fake login page is nothing but a page which exactly looks like the exact login page like yahoo,orkut,rediff and many more,here i ll show to make your own fake page for any site or fake login page for any site , u can create your own fake login page for any site or u can design your own fake login page for any site its very simple to do i have done it many time lol its working u can also do it just click here to download the procedure to do it and just follow the steps carefully & dats it u have finished creating your own fake login page  
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How to become a Hacker???????

Want to be a hacker...
In each and every person has a small desire to hack passwords of their frnds just for having fun,
but we have a very big question in our mind how to become a hacker???..frnds u have come to wright place, hacking is not so simple that u will get it in a single day, it needs mere practice hard work study as many books as u can, here i ll give u small document which make u understand what is hacking and some useful and important tricks to be a hacker, you can be a cracker or hacker...
how to be a hacker, how to hack,how to hack passwords, crack passwords,who is a hacker these are many question which rise in ur mind click here to download the small document which is very useful for u to become a part of hackers world..  
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